Digital Signature Solution
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        A digital signature is a validation to the authenticity of the documents sent by you to your customers. It is to let the receiver know that the document has been completely crafted by you and there were no changes during the transit.

        Sol-e-Sign is a custom off-the-shelf software designed and developed by Solsynch Technologies to enable digital signing of invoices, debit notes and credit notes for customers. Through Sol-e-Sign, one can easily fetch multiple invoices from SAP and send digitally signed pdf documents to multiple respective customers on mail at once in just 3 steps or few clicks.

Digital Signature Solution

Product Overview

  • Can be installed on a standard user desktop / laptop
  • USB token-based authentication of X509 standard digital signature recognized by GSTN India
  • Supports one digital signature at pre-defined position on the output document
  • Offers full integration to SAP ECC / S4HANA backend systems
  • Capability to send email attachments of signed invoices
  • Capability to store digitally signed copies on local hard drive
Digital Signature Solution
Digital Signature Solution

Product Features


  • Supports cryptographic standards specified for Class 2 and Class 3 Digital Signature certificates
  • Password-based authentication for application access
  • Secondary authentication to validate the digital signature
  • Signature password accessed dynamically and cached for a single session. Does not store the password

SAP Integration

  • Fetch invoice data from SAP based on date range/ reference numbers
  • Fetch the email id of bill-to party field from SAP from native database
  • Fetch Invoice Output smartform in pdf format – no need to redefine / modify existing SAP Smartforms
  • Little to no customizing / configuration on the SAP side


  • Simple PC-based application – can be installed on any PC/ Laptop
  • Simple front-end and easy to operate with little or no training
  • In-built database to store details of signed invoices, customer email ids, etc.
  • Ability to integrate with enterprise database, if required