Using SAP BW

Integrated Budgeting Process

  • Sales Budgeting
  • Raw Materials Cost Computation
  • Manufacturing Expenses
  • Selling & Distribution Expense Budgeting
  • Headcount Budgeting
  • Overhead Cost Budgeting
  • Budgeted Profit & Loss Account

Enterprise Reporting for Decision Making

  • Variance Analyses
  • Trend Analyses

Our Budget House Application

  • An Integrated Budgeting Application built on the SAP BI (BW) platform.
  • Comprises of budgeting individual components of the P&L account from the top line to the bottom line.
  • The Sales Budgeting is a five dimensional budgeting process for product, customer, geography, organizational responsibility and time.
  • Separate budgets can be managed concurrently at different levels of responsibility with possibility to compare different budgets and actual data.
  • This document describes the standard processes as available within the Budget House application.